16-Year-Old Spanish Developer Wins WebRTCfest 2014 With WebRTC Data Channel Chat & Video Streaming

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The competition was incredibly fierce from the beginning of the WebRTCfest. 150 registrations to participate to competition, 15 amazing hacks presented as video pitches. The startups were competing for $6,000 and Parrot Drones. After minutes of deliberations, WebRTCfest organizers pored over the judges’ notes and narrowed the list down to five finalists: “Cult answer machine”, “I see you!”, “Smart Assistance”, Togetheroo, And “Video Party”. These projects made their way to the finale to demo in front of our final panel of judges, which were Chad Hart (WebRTCHacks), Dan Burnett (StandardsPlay / W3C Author), Amir Zmora (The New Dialtone), Chris Koehncke (ChrisKranky.com) and Alan Quayle (AlanQuayle.com).

And now, meet the WebRTCfest 2014 winner.

1st – Video Party

Horus_LugoHorus Lugo, a 16 years old spanish developer, surprised the judges with his implementation of WebRTC to build a very nice HTML Web Application where you can chat securely thanks to WebRTC Data Channels and watch Youtube Videos with your friends. Horus plans to release Android and Desktop versions of his application.




2nd equal – Cult answer machine

Bruno_DelbBruno Delb made a Parrot Drone take off the stage with a single phone call over WebRTC, surprising the audience and the judges. He also developed a hack that allows to customize the answer machine of a phone number with cults scenes of famous movies.





2nd equal – Smart Assistance

Elodie_HarkouSmart Assistance Team (Elodie Harkou , Thomas Ailleaume, Hugo Chevalier) developed a smart customer service web application that comes with a ticketing system and allow to provide real-time assistance over video calls.





Special Jury Prize – Togetheroo

Bart YearyBart Yeary created Togetheroo just a few days before WebRTCfest Kickoff, but the Judges couldn’t resist to this refreshing approach to video communications. Designed for distributed families that want to add context to their conversations, especially when chatting with young children. Future releases of Togetheroo will see more synchronous games, books and toys that can be shared in real-time.




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arnaud16-Year-Old Spanish Developer Wins WebRTCfest 2014 With WebRTC Data Channel Chat & Video Streaming

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