WebRTCfest Parrot Challenge Winner

by arnaud on February 15, 2015 No comments

WebRTCfest_Parrot_WinnerDevelopers had only a few weeks to submit a hack where they remotely control a Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone over WebRTC, showing the FPV live stream, and win a Parrot BeBop + SkyController.

Two teams on the final run, Neil & Tom, from UK, Nikolay & Fabrice from France. Both team are seasoned experts, check their work: Westhawk, Streamroot

When the judges tested their hack a few days before, both were equal, but finally, the first team who succeed in making everything work during the event was Neil & Tom, winning the Parrot Challenge.

If you want to know the details behind the scenes, Tom wrote a post on this blog about the architecture of their hack.


The event was broadcasted on Hangouts and Youtube, so if you missed it, you can watch the replay:


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arnaudWebRTCfest Parrot Challenge Winner

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