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No one succeeded in Parrot Special Challenge before the first deadline, so Parrot decided to give you more time:

Before the 30th January 2015, at Midnight CET, the team who is first to submit a hack where they remote-control a Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone over WebRTC, showing the FPV live stream, wins a Parrot BeBop + SkyController.

You don’t need to have a Parrot drone with you to build your hack, just make use of the SDK. FYI, Jumping Sumo stream format is MJPEG, Bebop H264.

For competing, you have to deliver the following package :

  1. A description of the architecture you used
  2. The full code
  3. A video showing how it works

>> Submit your hack here <<

Learn more on Parrot Drones: www.parrot.com/drones
SDK: http://blog.parrot.com/2014/11/28/ardronesdk3-for-bebop-drone-and-minidrones-has-been-released/

Feel free to contact Parrot on the forum or Philippe on Twitter, with the hashtag #WebRTCfestParrotChallenge. If you don’t have a Jumping Sumo with you, contact Philippe for getting a test timeslot at the Parrot office in Paris.

See what developers did with the previous AR.Drone SDK :

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