The WebRTCfest 2014 Finalists Are “Cult answer machine”, “I see you!”, “Smart Assistance”, Togetheroo, And “Video Party”

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While their developers are all talented and hardworking, only 5 of those projects will show their hack on stage on the final round tomorrow. Our 2014 WebRTCfest Finalists are “Cult answer machine”, “I see you!”, “Smart Assistance”, Togetheroo, And “Video Party”, in alphabetical order.
Tomorrow, those five teams will present in front of our esteemed Finals Judges: Chad Hart (WebRTCHacks), Tsahi Levi (, Dan Burnett (StandardsPlay / W3C Author), Amir Zmora (The New Dialtone), Chris Koehncke ( and Alan Quayle (
And in the end, there will be only four. But only one will take home the Parrot Jumping Sumo and $4,000 in cash. Check them out for yourself.

Cult answer machine

“This project allows to customize the answer machine of a phone number with cults scenes of famous movies and with a sequence of flight of a drone. The call is done with WebRTC and uses the APIdaze. The development is done with PHP, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js and Swift.” – Bruno Delb (France)

I see you!

“Social network for sharing photo, chatting and video calling from browser.” – Zhanat Suleimenov (Kazakhstan)

Smart Assistance

“How many times did you contact a customer service for the same problem ? When you were transfered to someone else, did you have to repeat your problem ? With Smart Assistance it’s over. We believe that modernity has to rhyme with humanity. You need to talk with people who really want to understand and solve your problems.
Our application allows you to contact your customer service by videoconferencing in order to see people you talk to and show them your problem. Thanks to the ticket system, the assistance can easily follow your problem without asking you the same information again and again.” – Elodie Harkou (France)


“Togetheroo combines WebRTC video chat with synchronous games, books and toys that can be shared in real-time. Our product is designed for distributed families that want to add context to their conversations (especially when chatting with young children).” – Bart Yeary (USA)

Video Party

“The app is a chat where u can watch videos simultaneously with your contacts. I’m going to release more versions and port it to Android and Desktop.” – Horus Lugo (Spain)

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arnaudThe WebRTCfest 2014 Finalists Are “Cult answer machine”, “I see you!”, “Smart Assistance”, Togetheroo, And “Video Party”

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