• jmpp



    I’ve just discovered the competition and as JS developer and happy owner of a Parrot Bebop drone, I was looking for a JS API, but I have not found anything that would allow me to start properly.

    Is there any JavaScript API available that I could use with my Bebop ?

    Thanks by advance 🙂

  • PhilippeParrot


    In the ARDroneSDK3, we provide :
    – the basic C interface which implements all commands
    – helpers which are used in freeflight3 : an objective C interface and a java interface

    You may try these possible solutions
    – write a generator to generate Javascript interface just like objectiveC or java interfaces
    – call objectiveC or Java inside the Java script if you have all the plugins you need
    – call directly the C interface in the Java script.

  • jmpp


    Thanks for responding.

    My competences in C are limited, but I’ll check this out and try something.

    Cheers 🙂

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